"Working Keeps Me Alive" Time Asia's Interview with CYF on the eve of the release of Anna & The King, December 27th, 1999.

Big Thanks to Diana Britt for the links!

"I Felt Like Sisyphus" Time Asia's Interview with the director of Anna and the King, Andy Tennant, December 27th, 1999.

Lots of gushing praise for CYF. :) Thanks go to Diana again for the links.

"Meet the King" Roughcut's Interview with CYF, January 17th, 2000.

Excellent and intelligent interview with CYF on Anna & the King and more. (This will open a new window)

"The Royal Treatment" Newsweek International Article, August 16th, 1999.

Broad piece about the movie, Anna & the King. Mainly about production issues. Includes pic of CYF on the cover of newsweek!

"No More Mr.Tough Guy" Newsweek International Article, August 16th, 1999.

Great little article about CYF and Anna & the King. Includes the best pic of CYF as the king so far. Very regal.

Transcript, Jet Li interview by Entertainment Tonight from the set of Lethal Weapon 4.

Not exactly the same as the one that aired on television. Includes link to realaudio clip of Jet discussing his kung fu training.

"Fresh Chow" People Magazine Article, March 2nd, 1998.

Interesting. Revelations about CYF's attempted suicide!