Translation of CYF Chinavision Interview

Interviewer: ...should be familiar with ....... living with Chinese, or with Chinese literature, or with our language...

CYF: Well, it's mostly fowl language unfit for use in public.

Interviewer: Okay. Is that right!

Actually this time you're filming your second hollywood product, with the first one being "The Replacement Killers" directed by Antoine Fuqua, while the director filming this time, on "The Corruptor", is James Foley. Can you roughly tell us when you were working with the two directors, what were the differences in the filming character (personality) between the two of them?

CYF: One started out filming MTVs, so the first one [Fuqua] on the Replacement Killers, working with him was... Originally (backgroundwise) his musical sense is very strong, so what he brings a lot of is his own imagination/creative style, so they'll setup a scene first and have Chow Yun Fat walk into it. Foley is more of an actor's director, and he will know an actor's special characteristics, so he'll let an actor act first, and then use the machinery to suit his camera angle/shot, and he'll still have an actor's facial expression and action as the focus. So the two directors have two different differences.

Interviewer: So actually, after hearing Fat Gor say this, and after watching his movie, you can begin to understand, because this director James Foley, has completely captured Fat Gor's acting's "sun sai" ("style", can't really explain in english), as a veteran cop in chinatown, eyebrows moved slightly, mouth shifted crookedly, already is his cinematic/acting flavour. So if you want to see this, remember this week the corruptor is on screen everywhere.