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cyf ready for action Howdy. Welcome to the Chow Yun Fat Realvideo Archive. Asian superstar Chow Yun Fat has just had his American movie debut with the stylish action film, "The Replacement Killers" (Go see it now!). Of course, to become a star in America, you have to promote yourself and your movies. To this end, CYF has appeared in a number of popular late-night talk shows, such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Vibe with Sinbad. Many of CYF's fans don't readily have access to these shows, or may have simply missed them during their airdates. So, as often as possible, I've attempted to digitise them and put them online in high-quality RealVideo files for all to see. Hooray for the Internet! Relevant articles, pictures, and anything else cool that I've found will also make its way here. And while this site is dedicated to CYF's US TV interviews and appearances, don't be surprised to see realvideos of US media appearances by other former Hong Kong movie stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Enjoy the site!
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(February 26th, 1999) - Check out the news section for several updates, including DEFINITIVE word on what's happening with John Woo and Mission Impossible 2!

(February 19th, 1999) - Daniel Wang's Action Web has a huge special on Chow Yun Fat's press conference in Singapore. Videos, commentary, and tons of pics! Click here to go there now!

(February 18th, 1999) - Check the news section for more rumours concerning John Woo's status on Mission Impossible 2.

TORONTO, CANADA residents! The Corruptor will be showing early there on February 20th! Look up "Suspect Video" in your phone books and call to inquire about the FREE sneak preview of the movie!

(February 17th, 1999) - Click here to see some of the huge stars that will appearing alongside CYF in "Anna and the King." If you're having troubles with the videos, be sure to check out yesterday's update for a possible solution. (Thanks to Dark Horizons for the pic!)

(February 16th, 1999) - Discovered the solution to the problem with the Jet Li videos. Use Getright! Or any download recovery program (e.g., Goz!lla, etc). Even if your browser seems to download the files properly, they are stored as ascii files of some sort and thus will not work. You will not have this problem if your download manager utility is on. Please use one. (Thanks for the help, Jost!)

(February 14th, 1999) - Be wary of the non-streaming (.rm) Jet Li Interview videos. Several people have mentioned that they do not play properly after downloading them. I am working on getting replacements up, but until then, I suggest you be cautious before potentially wasting a lot of time downloading them. Note that others have said they work perfectly, though.

(February 9th, 1999) - Another day, another update. The U.S. trailers for Jet Li's upcoming Black Mask film are now available in the videos section! By the way, the release date for Black Mask has been pushed back from March to April 30th.

(February 8th, 1999) - The updating madness continues! Check out the news section for numerous viewer reactions to The Corruptor! Afterwards, be sure to come back to this page and check out the rest of the updates. We have been updating throughout the weekend.

(February 7th, 1999) - AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGH! Some terrible news and rumours have been surfacing about The Corruptor as well as John Woo's latest happenings. Check the news section now.

To ease the hurt a little, after you check out the news, come back here and download the newest trailer to Keanu Reeves' May film, THE MATRIX. Why is it here? Well, famed HK choreographer Yuen Woo Ping worked on this movie and it shows. It looks AMAZING. Really, I might watch this instead of Star Wars Phantom Menace!

(February 6th, 1999) - More pictures, but this time related to Anna & the King! Sorry, they're not on-set pics, but I think they're interesting nonetheless: (Thanks to HKSAR for the pics)

(February 1st, 1999) - Whoa. Check out this COOL picture of CYF from the Corruptor. Also, be sure to scroll down to my last update for links to the Corruptor trailer and some advance reviews of the movie.

SPECIAL NOTICE to my visitors from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Asia!
The Corruptor will premiere in many parts of Asia in just a week or so. Please send in your reviews or thoughts about the movie, or even pictures from the premiere or opening night. Even descriptions or pictures of the crowds during the first week (so we can see how popular Chow Yun Fat movies are!) would be great to see. I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at my email address, Pictures, stories, reviews, or just about anything related to CYF or The Corruptor would be much appreciated. I look forward to your emails!

(January 30th, 1999) - TWO spoiler-free advance reviews of The Corruptor!
Click here to see Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles' opinion.
Click here to see Dark Horizon's guest reviewer's opinion.

Also, the trailer is finally available for download in Quicktime format:
Click Here for the hi-res version.
Click Here for the lo-res version.

(January 23rd, 1999) - See the news section for a firm release date for The Corruptor and a bit of cool Jet Li news.

(January 17th, 1999) - Dark Horizons has turned up yet another picture from the Corruptor. Wow, Yun-Fat has got a funky-looking suit in this movie! Click here to see it.

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