I've tried to put links up to generally good sites on any subject rather than purely Chow Yun Fat/HK star links. Either that, or somebody asked me to put up their site. :) In alphabetical order.

Ain't It Cool News
Amazing fan site that gets tons of scoops and inside info on upcoming Hollywood films, often way before the legit magazines do. Can be really entertaining. Has gotten a lot of press over the past year mainly because Hollywood execs were frightened by their ability to infiltrate early test-screenings and get confidential info. Now they're kissing the webmaster's ass and sending him to parties, premieres and other good sh#t!

Beyond the Blade - Asian DVD Resource
An excellent DVD review site that covers Hong Kong, Japanese, and other Asian movies on the digital format. The reviews are generally more in-depth than those on the great "Hong Kong Films on DVD" site listed below, though the latter has more reviews.

A Bullet in the Web
Fan site focussing on director John Woo (Face/Off, The Killer, Hard- Boiled). Keep an eye out for occasional world-exclusive info.
Jeff Koga's slick Chow Yun Fat site. Eye-catching design and very up-to-date with all the CYF news. Also be sure to check out his superior John Woo site at

Chow Yun Fat: God of Actors
An exceptional CYF site. THE source for news and links concerning the main man.

A Free Man in Hong Kong
Leigh Melton's CYF site features many reviews of CYF movies as well as an impressive photo gallery. Want to see how CYF has looked throughout his career? Check out this site.

HiVi Zone
DVD online retailer based out of Hong Kong. Cheapest prices on Hong Kong DVDs anywhere on the Web. Very reasonable shipping rates, 10% discount after your first order, and most importantly, reliable.

Hong Kong Cinema - View from the Brooklyn Bridge
Brian's site features a stupendous amount of in-depth Hong Kong movie reviews, including many recent releases to DVD and video. Visit it.

Hong Kong Films on DVD
Wondering if you should buy that Hong Kong DVD? Check in with this site first. It's a huge database of user-submitted reviews and info on practically every HK DVD in existence. Many of the reviews are too brief, but they are often the only reviews of the DVD anywhere. Invaluable resource.

Hong Kong Movie Database
The HKMDB has been resurrected at this new location. Keep up to date on all the latest Hong Kong movies by visiting this site. Loads of content. Too bad it's running on a very slow server while trying to push an excessive amount of graphics.

The Jet Li Homepage
An awesome Jet Li site. THE source for Jet Li news on the web.

The John Woo & Tsui Hark Action Web woo
All the latest about the master directors. Slick visuals. (Seems to be abandoned)

Love and Bullets HK DVD Review Site
Matt's cool new site features Hong Kong DVD reviews. Some hard-to-find discs are reviewed here, so it's definitely worth a look.

Tai Seng Official Homepage
Tai Seng is the official home video distributor of Hong Kong movies in North America. They sell tapes, laserdiscs, and DVDs from their website as well. Prices are usually outrageous, but it's good for finding out the synopsis of many films. :)

A Website Never Dies (formerly MC4's Hong Kong Movie Page)
News, reviews, and music from the world of Hong Kong cinema and beyond. Very fine site that covers all the bases.