(July 25th, 2000) - Video E.T.A.: August 5th, 2000.

(July 9th, 2000) - "Video clip available soon" and nothing for 2 months? Ouch. Sorry about that everybody. Technical difficulties combined with the relentless crush of work & school prevented me from encoding those Jackie videos for you. They should be ready by Friday, July 14th. Please check back then. In the meantime, you may want to surf to Ain't It Cool News for the latest about CYF's upcoming film, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. The reviews are all RAVES! (Note: CTHD will be released in North America sometime during Winter 2000. It is already out in Asia.)

(May 19th, 2000) - Did you catch Jackie Chan on the Late Show yesterday? He was great! Video clip will be available soon. Also, more reviews of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon have been added to yesterday's news story. They're all raves!

(May 18th, 2000) - Reviews of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and news on what could potentially be CYF's next film! Go to the News section now!

(April 6th, 2000) - New Jet Li video! A new interview with Jet Li is now available in the videos section. A serious Jet instead of the happy-go-lucky one in the Leno interviews. Also, old videos which were previously offline are now online again. Links section has also been updated with another good HK DVD review site.

Last but not least, pictures of CYF from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon have surfaced. Check out some of them by clicking here!

(April 4th, 2000) - The official website of CYF's next film, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, is now online! So far there is only a single gorgeous image and the teaser trailer in quicktime format. Click here to go there now.

The News section has been updated with an interesting bit. More updates are coming soon, so check back in 24 hours or so. I may have a new video available!

(March 28th, 2000) - CYF's Oscar video is now available. There have been several updates in the last few days, so be sure to scroll down and check those out too!

(March 27th, 2000) - CYF looked great at the Oscars! Images from the show are now available in the pictures section. I am having technical difficulties with the Oscar realvideo clip, however, so it will not be available until tomorrow at the earliest.

In other news, Jet Li's Romeo Must Die opened in second place at the box office, with a powerful $18.6 million accumulated Friday-Sunday. This is only $0.4 million behind the number one film, Erin Brokovitch. Go Jet!

(March 25th, 2000) - A new video! Jet Li's latest appearance on the Tonight Show is now available in the videos section. Expect more videos soon.

CHOW YUN FAT TV ALERT: CYF will be a presenter on the Oscar Awards Show. The show will be broadcast worldwide on Sunday March 26th. Sharon Stone will be his co-presenter. (Thanks to Conway for the reminder)

(February 4th, 2000) - Gung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

News and Articles sections have been updated so check them out for interesting info. Some great pages have been added to the Links section so check those out, too. Take care, everyone!

(January 9th, 2000) - Hope you are all having a happy New Year. If you haven't already, take an evening out and go watch Anna & the King. It's out, it's quite good, and it's not doing that well at the North American box office. What a shame that more people aren't going to see this one. Hopefully, it will do better overseas. On the positive side, almost all reviews give high praises to CYF's performance, so he's still in good shape image-wise.

In related news, Fox has moved the DVD/VHS release date of the movie to April 4th, 2000 - That's less than 4 months after the theatrical release! It's good news because we can own the movie soon, but bad news because only bombs get released to video so soon. Anyway, CYF's next movie is the Chinese-US co-production Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon directed by famed director Ang Lee. CYF sports a shaved head in the movie, which was on display during his recent Tonight Show interview (go check out the video if you haven't already) and dishes out some kung fu moves! Sounds interesting...

(December 21st, 1999) - Videos of CYF's recent interview on The Tonight Show are now online in the Videos section. Finally, more videos! Yeah!!!

On a related note, Anna and the King is now out in theaters across North America. Go see it now and support CYF!

(December 1st, 1999) - Yet more advance reviews of Anna and the King have been added to the News section. Check them out now!

(November 29th, 1999) - Wildly positive advance review of Anna and the King! Check out the News section now!

(November 25th, 1999) - The official, world-wide Anna and the King website is now online! The design is very elegant and pleasing to the eye, and a 32MB high-resolution trailer is there. Visit it at http://www.annaandtheking.com!

In some strange news, Fox has already announced the video and DVD release date of Anna & the King, despite the movie not having even been released to theatres yet! Expect AATK to come home on June 6, 2000. I hope this was just a premature info leak from an overzealous PR rep and is not a statement about the movie's quality.

(November 19th, 1999) - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 TEASER! Okay, this isn't directly CYF-related, but CYF's frequent collaborator, Hong-Kong-turned-Hollywood director John Woo, is currently directing the sequel to Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible, aptly entitled MI2. The teaser for which is now available. MI2 has been a troubled production, but after seeing this trailer, who gives a damn about all that? The result looks fantastic! John Woo meets The Matrix. You can download the medium resolution trailer by clicking here. The official site containing higher and lower resolution versions of the trailer as well as nice pictures is also open and can be accessed by going to http://www.missionimpossible.com. Very cool!

(November 9th, 1999) - The UK Anna & the King site doesn't seem to have the quicktime trailer linked anymore, but you can get it by clicking here.

(November 7th, 1999) - The official UK site for Anna & the King is now online! On the site is a new poster as well as a high quality quicktime video of the trailer. Click here to enter the site now.

(November 4th, 1999) - Thanks to Darkhorizons.com, you can now click here for the Anna & the King movie poster!

(October 30th, 1999) - A 12-inch, ultra-detailed action figure of Chow Yun Fat is being produced! Check out the pictures section now!

In other news, Anna and the King's North American release date has been set for December 17th, 1999. There hasn't been much other CYF-movie news lately. It should improve very soon, as Fox begins to start building hype for Anna. Another interesting bit of news: Hong Kong director Andrew Lau (Stormriders, Young & Dangerous, Chinese Hero) has been hired to direct a Hollywood movie based on the American comic book, The Darkness. The dark, stylish fantasy should be a perfect fit for Lau. Anyway, take care all!

(September 24th, 1999) - Not much happening lately. The latest issue of Premiere magazine (the "Fall Movie Preview" issue) has a little blurb on Anna & the King. Apparently Jodie Foster got a band to play "When the Saints Come Marching In" for CYF when he arrived on the set. There was also a banner that read, "Welcome our new king, Fatty"! Also, director Andy Tennant related that all the women on the set, including his wife, swooned around CYF. Pretty amusing stuff. :)

If you want to hear something REALLY amusing, check out the MP3 music file in the Specials section. Sounds like a parody of a Hong Kong exchange student doing hardcore rap in English. It is insanely, side-splittingly, roll-on-the-floor-laughing funny! If you know a bit of Cantonese, are familiar with HK people living in North America, and are somewhat familiar with rap slang, you will truly get a kick out of it.

(August 13th, 1999) - Chow Yun Fat on the cover of Newsweek! Newsweek International's August 16th issue has a big feature on Anna & the King and even features CYF on the cover! See the articles section (click ARTICLES on the menu in the left frame) for 2 stories from the issue. Pictures are included.

(August 7th, 1999) - Just a quick update today. First, if you haven't seen it already, you can view the trailer to Anna & the King by CLICKING HERE. It is in Quicktime .MOV format, so you will need to get the Quicktime player from here.

Now there's an easier way to reach my site instead of typing in the full long Tripod URL. Just use http://come.to/chowyunfat. Pretty easy, no? Of course, you could always just bookmark the page. :)

If you haven't seen the previous update, go check it out now!

(August 4th, 1999) - Your eyes do not deceive you. I am back, and with a big update to boot. :) First and foremost, check this out:

Cool, huh? Check out the pictures section for even more great Anna & the King pix.

In other Anna-related news, shooting has been completed and the film should be in post-production. The budget has been rumoured to have shot up over $100 million. Further reports say that the director has done a mediocre job. I hope not! From the pictures, at the very least we will get some nice images to look at it. Let's hope the movie turns out well.

Finally, the News section has been updated with several interesting reports relating to former Hong Kong stars and their current projects. Definitely worth a read.

Thanks for sticking around. Hopefully, the next update will come much sooner than this one did.

(May 17th, 1999) - Wow. No sooner than a day after I whine that there isn't any news then an incredibly juicy and gossipy bit of info on Anna & the King pops up! Go the News section now! :)

(May 16th, 1999) - Absolutely nothing CYF-related has been going on. Hopefully we'll see some more info and media pop-up once Anna & the King nears completion. In any case, thanks to all the visitors for your continued support. I'll try to get some cool stuff for you to download!

On another note, Jet Li's Black Mask was released in U.S. theatres over the weekend. Advertising for the movie was pitiful and nearly non-existant. Even as someone following and interested in the movie, I had no idea it when it was to be released until opening day! It didn't help that it was competing with a massive hit like the Mummy and it won't help that Star Wars Episode 1 will come out this Wednesday. Despite such obstacles, BM still managed to gross about $4 million on opening weekend. I can only imagine how well it'd have done with better ads and release date positioning. Ah well, here's hoping Jet Li's next, Romeo Must Die, will be better supported by Warner Bros.

(April 7th, 1999) - Awesome picture of CYF's look in Anna & the King!! Click here to see it now!

On a different note, I will be very busy for the next few weeks, so updates will be at a minimum unless something major comes up, like more good pics. If you know of some event that you'd like me to record (like an upcoming Jackie Chan interview or what not), let me know in advance and I'll see what I can do to help you.Thanks to Dark Horizons for the pic

(March 29th, 1999) - Check out the pictures section for some awesome pictures from Anna & the King! See Jodie Foster in her Victorian outfit! Wonder at the apparently large scope of this picture!

Then be sure to come back and check the previous update. Several links to interesting stories and interviews were added.

(March 23rd, 1999) - The translation of the Cantonese CYF interview is now online. It is located in the video section. And The Corruptor has been released in America and has indeed done very poorly. It looks like it won't even reach $15 million. Chalk this one up to poor release date planning on New Line's part. On a positive note, the soundtrack to The Corruptor is the #1 soundtrack in the country, and debuted at #44 in Billboard Magazine's Hot 200 chart.

And here are some further Corruptor- and Anna & the King-related stuff:

(March 17th, 1999) - The promised video is up. It is CYF's phone interview on Chinese-Canadian television. It is in Cantonese, but I will have an English transcript up soon. If you'd like to do a detailed translation for me, please email me. The video shows some behind-the-scenes clips from The Corruptor while CYF speaks about the language tips he learned from Mark Wahlberg as well as the different skills of his American directors.

(March 14th, 1999) - Sorry, I have been swamped with work. I will try to have that brief video I mentioned last update online by Wednesday (March 17). In other news, Corruptor took in only $2.08 million on Friday, which _probably_ means it will only walk away with $6-7 million for its opening weekend. A true disappointment when you consider that even The Replacement Killers made $8 million the first weekend. Blame this on New Line for moving the release date back one week. Had it been released on March 5th as originally planned, there would have been far less to compete with. Let's hope it gets good word of mouth and stays strong for several weeks.

Be sure to check the previous updates for several reviews and articles on The Corruptor.

(March 11th, 1999) - More reviews and articles about "The Corruptor" are appearing in anticipation of its release tomorrow in North America. Here are a few of them:

It's very disappointing that Yun Fat has not been making appearances on North American television to promote the movie. Only his co-star Mark Wahlberg has appeared on a few shows, and he spoke very little of CYF. Luckily, I've been able to find one of the few TV interviews CYF has done about the movie! Don't go crazy though, as it's not going to be anywhere near as gratifying as CYF's Replacement Killers interviews. I will put it online sometime this weekend...

Also, there have been several updates in the last little while, so be sure to check those out, too!

(March 6th, 1999) - Mr.Showbiz has put online a fantastic interview with Chow Yun Fat. Click here to see it. Make sure you check our last update as well for another interview and more.

(March 4th, 1999) - A few things to mention: First, a note to Toronto, Canada residents - The Corruptor launch party will be held at "Atlantis" nightclub (you know, the one beside the Ontario Place Cinesphere) on Friday, March 5th. $10 entry fee. 'Special guests' will be there. I wonder who... Oh, and my guess is there will be a dress code in effect. Atlantis is usually pretty strict about that kind of thing, so dress nice if you don't want to be disappointed!

Second, shooting of Anna & the King has begun in full. Supposedly Yun-Fat has gained ten pounds for the role in order to acquire a more round, "royal" face. First they want him to get in shape, now they want him to gain weight. Go figure. :)

Finally, click here for an interview with CYF conducted by Entertainment Online. It's brief but worth a look anyway.

(February 26th, 1999) - Check out the news section for several updates, including DEFINITIVE word on what's happening with John Woo and Mission Impossible 2!

(February 19th, 1999) - Daniel Wang's Action Web has a huge special on Chow Yun Fat's press conference in Singapore. Videos, commentary, and tons of pics! Click here to go there now!

(February 18th, 1999) - Check the news section for more rumours concerning John Woo's status on Mission Impossible 2.

TORONTO, CANADA residents! The Corruptor will be showing early there on February 20th! Look up "Suspect Video" in your phone books and call to inquire about the FREE sneak preview of the movie!

(February 17th, 1999) - Click here to see some of the huge stars that will appearing alongside CYF in "Anna and the King." If you're having troubles with the videos, be sure to check out yesterday's update for a possible solution. (Thanks to Dark Horizons for the pic!)

(February 16th, 1999) - Discovered the solution to the problem with the Jet Li videos. Use Getright! Or any download recovery program (e.g., Goz!lla, etc). Even if your browser seems to download the files properly, they are stored as ascii files of some sort and thus will not work. You will not have this problem if your download manager utility is on. Please use one. (Thanks for the help, Jost!)

(February 14th, 1999) - Be wary of the non-streaming (.rm) Jet Li Interview videos. Several people have mentioned that they do not play properly after downloading them. I am working on getting replacements up, but until then, I suggest you be cautious before potentially wasting a lot of time downloading them. Note that others have said they work perfectly, though.

(February 9th, 1999) - Another day, another update. The U.S. trailers for Jet Li's upcoming Black Mask film are now available in the videos section! By the way, the release date for Black Mask has been pushed back from March to April 30th.

(February 8th, 1999) - The updating madness continues! Check out the news section for numerous viewer reactions to The Corruptor! Afterwards, be sure to come back to this page and check out the rest of the updates. We have been updating throughout the weekend.

(February 7th, 1999) - AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGH! Some terrible news and rumours have been surfacing about The Corruptor as well as John Woo's latest happenings. Check the news section now.

To ease the hurt a little, after you check out the news, come back here and download the newest trailer to Keanu Reeves' May film, THE MATRIX. Why is it here? Well, famed HK choreographer Yuen Woo Ping worked on this movie and it shows. It looks AMAZING. Really, I might watch this instead of Star Wars Phantom Menace!

(February 6th, 1999) - More pictures, but this time related to Anna & the King! Sorry, they're not on-set pics, but I think they're interesting nonetheless: (Thanks to HKSAR for the pics)

(February 1st, 1999) - Whoa. Check out this COOL picture of CYF from the Corruptor. Also, be sure to scroll down to my last update for links to the Corruptor trailer and some advance reviews of the movie.

SPECIAL NOTICE to my visitors from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Asia!
The Corruptor will premiere in many parts of Asia in just a week or so. Please send in your reviews or thoughts about the movie, or even pictures from the premiere or opening night. Even descriptions or pictures of the crowds during the first week (so we can see how popular Chow Yun Fat movies are!) would be great to see. I would love to hear from you! You can reach me at my email address, ipkevin@hotmail.com. Pictures, stories, reviews, or just about anything related to CYF or The Corruptor would be much appreciated. I look forward to your emails!

(January 30th, 1999) - TWO spoiler-free advance reviews of The Corruptor!
Click here to see Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles' opinion.
Click here to see Dark Horizon's guest reviewer's opinion.

Also, the trailer is finally available for download in Quicktime format:
Click Here for the hi-res version.
Click Here for the lo-res version.

(January 23rd, 1999) - See the news section for a firm release date for The Corruptor and a bit of cool Jet Li news.

(January 17th, 1999) - Dark Horizons has turned up yet another picture from the Corruptor. Wow, Yun-Fat has got a funky-looking suit in this movie! Click here to see it.

(January 15th, 1999) - Seems there were a lot of dead links in the videos section, yet only one person bothered to inform me. C'mon guys, if you don't let me know, then they won't get fixed, and if they don't get fixed, that means no videos for you. Anyway, all the videos should now be working. Also, some of the larger videos are now streaming.

(January 12th, 1999) - The Corruptor trailer online! No, I didn't encode this one, but Film.com has it online in streaming real format. It's blurry, but still VERY COOL. When I get the chance, I'll see if I can digitize a better quality version of it. Click here to go the trailer site now!

Also check out the official The Corruptor site for a bunch of new interviews. There are something like 10 interviews now, plus the new poster (see the New Line Store section on the webpage). Go! go! go! :)

(January 2nd, 1999) - Happy new year! More pics from the Corruptor, this time from the actual movie trailer! Check out the pictures section for these.

Also, the official The Corruptor website has been updated. There are now tons of information and several large interviews! Click here to go there now.

(December 26, 1998) - Official pics from The Corruptor! See the pictures section. Also, does anybody know why my Tripod counter keeps resetting itself? This is getting annoying!

(December 21, 1998) - According to reports from the Net, the final U.S. release date for "The Corruptor" is February 26th, 1999. Be sure to check out the news section for Mark Wahlberg's comments on CYF, plus some more info about the "Anna and the King" production.

(December 20, 1998) - CYF's "Corruptor" co-star, Mark Wahlberg, comments on CYF. See News section for details.

(November 29, 1998) - The official "The Corruptor" site is up! There's nothing there right now except for an image, but it's a cool, never-before-seen picture, so it's worth a look. Click here to go there.

(October 15, 1998) - Chow Yun Fat = Mel Gibson? Check out the news section for some interesting info concerning the director's vision for "Anna and the King". Also, insight into the whole Foster-Winslet debacle. :)

(October 13, 1998) - Big news on the casting front for "Anna and the King"! See the news section for details.

Bad news about the JackieChan-Letterman video. Seems my tape copy of it was deleted, so unless I can find it elsewhere, I obviously will not be putting it online. Sorry. I'll see if I can find something to take its place.

(October 6, 1998) - Yet another review of "The Corruptor". The most detailed review so far. Check it out in the news section.

(October 3, 1998) - Check out the news section for another advance review of Chow Yun Fat's next movie, "The Corruptor". Seems like this movie is going to be really good! Also, the Chan-Letterman video will be up soon. Promise! :)

(September 17, 1998) - I'm back. Sorry for the long delay between updates, but vacation, work, friends, school, and no decent Internet connection kept me away for a long time. I'll reply to all emails in time, please be patient.

Anyways, check out the news section for some interesting news and rumours about ANNA AND THE KING, CYF's 3rd U.S. film, which strangely enough have not been mentioned at many fansites despite being quite old. The factual bits have been confirmed by other major news sources. Also, expect the realvideo of Jackie Chan's Rush Hour promo appearance on Letterman to be up soon.

(August 14, 1998) - ANOTHER REVIEW OF THE CORRUPTOR! Very positive! Check out the News section.

(August 13, 1998) - Advance review of CYF's next film, The Corruptor! See the News section!

(August 2, 1998) - CYF misses out on what is destined to be a huge box office hit! See the news section for details.

(July 31, 1998) - Cool, behind-the-scenes images from CYF's next movie, The Corruptor, added to the pictures section. You don't know how satisfying it is to finally have a CYF-related update again! Links are also updated.

(July 26, 1998) - Yay! Jet Li's Tonight Show appearance is now available in realvideo format in the videos section. Jet makes a very confident talk show debut, so the video is definitely worth getting if you haven't seen it yet. Wonder if it's a result of the kung fu training? Nah, I think attending all those fan signings helped. Maybe CYF should do that too... :)

(July 22, 1998) - The fantastic theatrical trailer for Tsui Hark and Jean Claude Van Damme's Knock Off is now online in the videos section!

(July 14, 1998) - Check out the news section for an advance review of director Tsui Hark's second Hollywood film (& Van Damme collaboration), Knock Off!

JET LI on TV alert! Jet Li is scheduled to appear on the late night talk show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on July 16. Set your VCRs, I know I will. You can expect a RealVideo of it online shortly, as well as various clips from Jet's appearance on Entertainment Tonight. (I'm finally doing stuff that is vaguely related to the title of this page!) :)

(July 6, 1998) - The transcript of Jet Li's Entertainment Tonight interview is now online in the articles section! There's also another audio clip available that should give you a better idea of how Jet Li's English voice sounds.

(July 5, 1998) - Poster for CYF's upcoming The Corruptor is now in the pictures section. Also added pictures and audio from Jet Li's interview on Entertainment Tonight! Definitely check that out if you want to hear what Jet Li's English-speaking voice is like. The pictures section has been rearranged for faster loading as well. Enjoy!

(June 30, 1998) - Check the news for international box office and home video news about CYF's The Replacement Killers.

(June 29, 1998) - Doing my part for World Cup fever, I've put up John Woo's elegant and charming Nike television commercial online in the videos section.

Also, the site has finally hit 1000 visitors since the move to Tripod. Thanks for all your support!

(June 28, 1998) - Check out the news section for more Chow Yun Fat news as well as reviews of Jackie Chan's next movie, Rush Hour!

(June 26, 1998) - Check the pictures section for an image of the poster from Tsui Hark's next Van Damme opus, Knock Off!

(June 25, 1998) - Jet Li news! Looks like he's going to leap-frog CYF and Jackie in one move. Guess playing a bad guy wasn't such a bad idea, afterall.

(June 24, 1998) - Check the news sections for the latest on the Heroic Trio of Hong Kong ex-patriates in Hollywood: Chow Yun Fat, John Woo, and Michelle Yeoh!

(June 8, 1998) - News section updated with info about Sammo Hung's new TV series!

(June 6, 1998) - Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li news added to the news section.

(May 23, 1998) In a bid to drive me insane, the server insisted on capitalizing the RUSH HOUR clip's filename, hence resulting in the dead link. I beat the server into submission (actually, I just renamed the file), and now the link works. My apologies for any fustration it may have caused. Remember to hit reload as your browser might still be loading the page with the bad link.

(May 22, 1998) "I've got a pulse!" Ending its near-month-long hibernation, the site re-awakens and delivers two new updates. First and foremost is a RealVideo preview of Jackie Chan's upcoming US film, Rush Hour! It looks hilarious, but no doubt some uptight individuals out there will find something about it unbearably offensive and be "forced" to let the world know that. Second, I've updated the links page with a link to Daniel Wang's Action Web. It's a great site with lots of *cool* items on John Woo, Tsui Hark, Chow Yun Fat and others. We need more non-news sites like these. Anyways, enjoy.

(April 29, 1998) News section updated with info about international and domestic box office for The Replacement Killers, as well as a report from the set of The Corruptor. Interesting "People" magazine article on CYF added to Articles section. Mentions CYF's suicide attempt!!

(April 22, 1998) Pics from CYF's next film, The Corruptor, added to the picture section.

(April 21, 1998) Welcome to the new site! After seeing some of the incredibly gorgeous designs out there, I felt I just had to at least spice up the site a little. Here is the product of that feeling. As you can tell, I've added frames and graphics, but I've tried not to overload users with that kind of bandwidth-hoggin stuff. I hope you like it.

You'll notice that there are now news and pictures sections. I don't expect to replace the dedicated CYF news sites out there, but I thought I could put up some of the cooler stuff I find, as well as a summary every so often of the recent CYF and HK talent-in-America news. The pictures and special sections will also be home to the cooler stuff I find on the net or elsewhere. Expect some of the music for The Replacement Killers to be the first files in the special section soon. If you have something cool related to Chow Yun Fat or other expatriate Hong Kong talent and want to show it off, let me know and I'll put it online for you. Of course I welcome all comments and questions as well. -Kevin