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Chow Yun Fat action figure!

Dragon Models of Hong Kong is producing a 12-inch poseable action figure based on Chow Yun Fat! It will be called "Detective Chow" and should be released early next year. Just as some background, Dragon Model is THE premier maker of 12-inch action figure collectibles. It sounds like I work for them, but I'm serious, their products are clearly a step above the rest. I understand that in the collector community, they are unquestionably perceived as having the best, most detailed, highest quality products of them all. So my hope is that this will be a stupendous work of art!

Prices are usually about $35-$40 US, but Detective Chow is supposedly the first of a new line of lower priced figures, so it should be more reasonably priced. You can check out Dragon's website at (Make sure to check out the figures based on Michael Wong's Final Option movie. Cool!) Also, the figures are available in Canada, USA & UK through specialty shops. Others must order through Dragon's website.

Anyway, check out the pictures. Pretty good likeness, don't you think?