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Chow Yun Fat

CYF at the Oscars (2.5MB, rm format)
ONLINE CYF presents the Academy Award for "Best Sound Effects Editing" at the 2000 Oscar Awards. Check the pictures section for some further images and clearer shots of CYF.

CYF's Anna & The King Tonight Show Interview (8.4MB, rm format)
ONLINE CYF makes his second appearance on the Tonight Show, promoting Anna And The King. His English has improved markedly, but you may end up despising the obnoxious host, Jay Leno, before the interview is over.

Jodie Foster Discusses CYF (1.3MB, rm format)
ONLINE Jodie Foster also appeared on The Tonight Show and discussed her co-star's sense of humour.

CYF's Tonight Show Interview (12MB, rm format)
CYF's first US talk show appearance. He seems extremely nervous, but I like it better than the other because he's wearing the GQ-smooth Armani suit, and because of the next segment...

CYF and Sand (2.1MB, rm format)
This hilariously cool bit occurred during the interview following CYF's. The guest being interviewed is Swedish pro-golfer Jesper Parniveck.

CYF's Vibe Interview, Part 1 of 2 (10MB, rm format)
A lot of people think that this was the better interview. Certainly, the host of the show, Sinbad, seems to be a true fan of CYF. The interview is also longer and shows more clips of CYF in action. However, the traditional Chinese outfit CYF is wearing comes off as a bit ridiculous. Also, whoever coached CYF to try to be hip by adding "man" to the end of his sentences should be fired. :)

CYF's Vibe Interview, Part 2 of 2 (9.8MB, rm format)
I said it was a longer interview, didn't I?

CYF's Chinavision Phone Interview *Cantonese* (2.4MB, rm format)
CYF's phone-in interview on a Chinese-Canadian entertainment television program. CYF speaks about the differences between Antoine Fuqua and James Foley, and some behind-the-scenes clips of CYF fooling around with Mark Wahlberg and what not are played. A bit of the beginning has been cut off, but it starts right at the first question. In Cantonese.
(Click here for the English translation)

Jet Li

Jet Li's MovieTV interview (2.1MB, rm format)
Canadian movie news program, MovieTV, conducted an interview with Jet Li and Romeo Must Die producer Joel Silver. A very serious-looking Jet.

Jet Li's Romeo Must Die Tonight Show appearance, Part 1 of 2 (6.5MB, rm format)
ONLINE Jet Li's second appearance on the Tonight Show, this time promoting his film Romeo Must Die. Dig the leather pants, Jet. :)

Jet Li's Romeo Must Die Tonight Show appearance, Part 2 of 2 (1.5MB, rm format)
ONLINE Romeo Interview 2: Electric Boogaloo. If people ever get tired of kung fu flicks, maybe Jet can resurrect the breakdancing movie genre. Poppin' and Lockin'.

Black Mask U.S. Trailer (0.7MB, G2 rm format)   /   Click here for Quicktime version (7MB, .MOV)
The trailer for Artisan Entertainment's cleaned-up, re-edited, re-scored version of Jet Li's Black Mask. Movie will be released in North America on April 30th, 1999. (Thanks to Eon Magazine for the trailers)

Jet Li's Tonight Show Interview, Part 1 of 2 (6.5MB, rm format)
Jet Li's appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, hyping his first US movie, Lethal Weapon 4. If Chow Yun Fat had shown as much confidence in his interview as Jet does here, The Replacement Killers might have made a few million more dollars. :)

Jet Li's Tonight Show Interview, Part 2 of 2 (6.5MB, rm format)
The second half of this long interview. Please note that the video clip of Lethal Weapon 4 shown during the interview has been edited and shortened.


John Woo's Nike TV Ad (1.08MB, zipped)
John Woo's charming television commercial for Nike, featuring the Brazillian football team. Slick, but not TOO slick. GoooooOOAAALLLLLLL! :)

Full-length Jackie Chan Mountain Dew Commercial (1.5MB, zipped)
The uncut, 60-second version of Jackie Chan's high-action Mountain Dew commercial. The version shown on TV generally runs about 30-sec or so. The extra footage is mainly of Jackie taking on some thugs in rapidly-edited, closeup MTV-style.

Rush Hour Preview (1.8MB, zipped)
Entertainment Tonight's preview of Jackie Chan's upcoming U.S. film, Rush Hour, co-starring Chris Tucker (The 5th Element). Pretty funny, but what's with the pompadour on Jackie?!